Intractable Hiccups Post Stroke: Case Report and Review of the Literature


Intractable hiccups are uncommon but important sequelae in the aftermath of ischaemic stroke. We present the case of a 50 year old gentleman, who developed what we believe to be the first case of intractable hiccups secondary to cerebellar infarction. The hiccups were refractory to wide range of single pharmaceutical and surgical interventions and we eventually found some success with dual pharmaceutical therapy. Intractable hiccups can have a significant impact on post stroke rehabilitation and have a considerable detrimental impact on an individual’s quality of life. The mechanism is poorly understood. We performed a literature review of all known cases and have postulated a revised mechanism that includes a role for the cerebellum in this phenomenon. A portal is needed for physicians to submit their experiences within intractable hiccups, so that more can be learnt about what can be a disabling condition for the sufferer.


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